Metalogix WP2SP Sync

One of the many challenges with migration is that the source data is dynamic and continuous.  It is hard to control data from changing unless a protocol is setup to block modifications of content into the source system.  This approach is great for migration but bad for business because it creates downtime and/or work overhead.  Users cannot use the platform to publish and create new content when the system is blocked, so he must either wait for the system to return to normal, downtime, or draft the new content into a temporary format, then copy and paste the content into the publishing format and then massage the content to fix any formatting issues.  If the content requires provisioning, then the user must also tweak the correct settings for the content.  These all add to the work overhead and downtime because he has to copy and paste and reformat content and he has to wait for the content to be in the platform before he can change the correct settings.

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